How To Draw Expressions. Part 3

In this part, I will show you how to draw a very scared and surprised face.


Pic.1 First step – drawing the head

We can start from constructing the head which is orient in an upward angle. You should start it first with a sphere, and then draw in the mandible. Learning the previous lessons, will help you to make it without so much difficulty.

Pic.2 Second step – drawing the mouth and eyes

After drawing the head, the most difficult part is to draw the mouth. Some artists say that yourself is your best reference when it comes to drawing any expressions. As for this part, which is the lips, we recommend you to look into the mirror for about 10 seconds to see the curves of your lower and upper lips when you are scared.

Pic.3 Third step – adding details to eyes

Then after the head, we are drawing the eyes, eyebrows as well as the lines along the bottom of the eyes. This is where the expression is pushing the cheeks up against the lower eyelids. The eyebrows if you will notice are flowing along the same curve.

In order to make easier to add different details we recommend you to focus your attention on the individual parts and not the whole image so as to avoid overwhelming yourself with what to draw first. Take note that whenever you draw a nose for female characters, it is important that you keep it light and delicate. Practice makes it perfect. So whenever you’re in doubt about drawing in the nose you may refer to other characters. It’s worth spending a few extra moments to practice.

Pic.4 Four step – drawing teeth and young

After adding on the details, you should put teeth on your character. If you’re not confident on how to put or where to place the teeth perfectly, you can check the example sketch. I’ I’m sure that you will manage to draw it without so much difficulty including the tongue.

Pic.5 Five step – finishing touches

Then finish the drawing by adding some light lines to show the hair and the neck. You may also put in a little bit of shading and highlights on the eye.

I hope that your experience in drawing this scared/surprised expression was fun. You should learn that you are the best reference when you want to draw any kind of expression. Just by looking up at the mirror you’ll be able to see the difference. You just have to focus your attention to the details and just practice.