How To Draw Expressions. Part 2

In our previous article we already learned how to draw different expressions sketches. This time we will show you how to draw smile and curious expressions in more details.

Smile expression

Pic1. First step – drawing the face 

For learning to draw a smile, the first step is to draw a circle for the top of the head. You should think of the circle as more like a sphere because the characters face will be tilt to the side. You may notice that in the sketch below character have exaggerated lower half of the face that makes it a bit unusual from a realistic human. Every artist has different style on making their own characters, this is one thing to lookout for.

Pic.2 Second step – drawing eyes and smile

As soon as sphere is finished draw a line down in the center of the face and place the eyes on each side of the line. To finish it off, you should also draw in the pupil and iris inside the eye. You may also added highlights to the upper left part of the pupil to give it a nice look and bring out the personality to the character I made. Pay attention to how the cheek gets pushed up as the mouth opens for the smile.

Pic.3 Third step – adding details.

To finish everything up, add some little details like the eyelashes on the eyes, hair, the neck and some definition to the ear. That’s it, out picture is ready!


Curious expression

Pic.1 First step – drawing face shape

As always you should start by drawing a sphere same as the one we show you for drawing a smile. Then add the lower part of the face and again, establish the middle line and start adding in the details.

Pic.2 Second step – adding details

Drawing the lips may be little bit difficult because they are a bit protruding. So what you should do is to focus on the lips, and the lips alone. Look at them as individual lines and how these lines come together. 

Here are some guide questions for you to start to understand how it was put together and be able to recreate it by yourself.

•    Where to the individual lines come together and touch.

•    How much curve is on each line

•    How long is each line

After you will draw the tricky lips and the major features are also completed, you can wrap up this drawing expression by darkening the major lines as well as adding some of the finer facial details like eyelashes and eyebrows. Note that there were little lines added under the eyes. The reason for this is that these lines help to indicate the lower eyelid moreover it also hugs and protects the bottom part of the eyeball.