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How to Draw Ears

Drawing ears is one of the challenges in drawing human body parts. Ears come in different dimensions and forms, some people may have long ears yet others may have small ears. Again like most human body parts it is important to be keen on to details to draw realistic ears. Some pairs of ears have different size or even shapes so pay special attention to your subject’s ears. Learning the basic of how to draw ears gives you an edge to do this challenge. At the beginning chances you’ll find it hard to draw a pair of ears that will have a more realistic result. Though with more practice and familiarity with the steps on how to draw ears you will have your realistic looking set of ears in no time. 

Drawing Ears with a short hair model

Develop your skills in drawing ears with a short hair model. Unlike drawing a subject with a long hair it might be best if you start drawing the ears of someone with a short hair where the subject’s ears are more visible. And there are a few artists who just cover the ears with hairs in cases where their subject has a long hair.

First step, draw a half-heart shape on the left and right side of the face. This should serve as the outer lobe of the ear. The bottom part of the ear should be coherent to the bottom part of the nose and the top of the ear is in line with your eyebrows. The part of the ear which connects to the head should be in line with the eye. The actual width of the ear is half of its height. There it is the outline of your ear.

Now let us move on to the inner edge of the ear. Draw a contour of the outer edge of the ear and notice the distinct curve of it. It is important to put into consideration that ears have different size and shapes. So be careful in drawing the ears. Just be observant of the details and you will have a life like pair of ears.

Move forward to drawing the more detailed part of the ear. Take note of the different curves and lines that are inside of the ear. Make an outline of these details and then it will be easier to see the visible difference when you reach the shading part.

After that you can start shading and also highlighting. The opening of the ear, tha serves as the passage of the eardrum, you can shade it as darker as you want. However just do not exaggerate the shading to make it look realistic.

Things to Ponder on Drawing Ears

Remember to highlight and shade the necessary parts of the ear in order to highlight its realistic look. Highlighting and shading can bring a big impact on your ear drawing so it is important that you thoroughly examine the parts which needs to be shaded and highlighted.

Always remember that the ear is composed of three essential parts. These are the outer lobe, inner lobe and the hole that leads to the eardrum. With this in mind you will find yourself guided accordingly in making a realistic ear. Don’t rush in drawing the ears so that you won’t overlooked any particulars that may help you in creating a life like pair of ears.

Be enthusiastic and passionate on your own journey on learning how to draw ears!