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How To Draw a Cat

Here you’ll get simple steps on learning how to draw a cat – cats are so lovely and so huggable. Their colourful skin makes them both beautiful and difficult to draw. Cats are so lovely and so huggable. They are extremely beautiful and colourful with stripes  on  their skin. They are one of the most popular pets of many people. With their glorious and soft undercoat hair, no one can resist touching them. They have also different cute poses with innocent eyes that makes some people love to sketch them.

Well, these are the simple steps on learning how to draw a cat with a preferred pose of them (the cat) that you wanted to draw.


First and foremost, it is better to have several basic shapes as an outline such as small circle for the head and big oblong for the body, small triangles for the ears and rectangles for the feet and the tail. Observe carefully for the whole structure of the cat’s body. Notice the joints of the legs, in which it should be the joining of two rectangles. Make sure of the proportionality of the parts. After that, draw lines that represent its gorgeous undercoat hair. Draw it along with these basic shapes all around the ears, the head and its whole body. Then proceed to the head’s part and draw it passionately.


With regard to the head of the cat, one must consider its form. As you can see in the figure, I choose a British short hair cat to be my reference. Now, observe carefully its face. With my British short hair cat as a reference, its face is fatty and with a good width so we draw it as a wide oblong. It has a round cheek and a firm chin in which we choose to sketch it curvedly. Make sure that the parts are well proportioned. Use soft three horizontal lines that divide the face in three parts which covers the eyes, the nose and the mouth as a guideline to have a proportion part of the face. With this guides, you can now start to give more details of it. Draw the eyes dramatically with well opened one. Draw it with a sharp small oblong for its sharp looking eyes. Well, cats eyes depends on how they project in the camera and your way of sketching its eyes must depend on the reference you used.  Underneath the eyes, draw short broad nose with dots for its hairs. Consider its broadness and it volume, how it looks like. And don’t forget the size, the position and the depths of the curves of its ears. 

Give details

After making some outlines for it, flesh it out to make it real. Give curves line for showing good depths of body and also for its expansive chest. And also, draw a curve line along the rectangle shape for the feet to show its strong short legs and rounded paws. Note that it is its short coat hair that covers its whole body, so draw soft lines to represent its glamorous fur. Also, add some short curve line that can be seen in its neck. Going back to the eyes of the cat, make it shinny by putting some shading on it.


Finally, when it comes to coating the whole body of a cat, make sure that your way of shading should look like a strand of a fur. Show that the darker part which you can see should be shaded on some area of the cat’s body. Also, to show the depths of the curves of the ears, the whole part of it should be gently shaded from the outer part and thickly in the inner part. And also add some intense shading in the part of the nose and around the mouth. All these shading depends on the reflection of the light on the cat’s face.

Cats are cute and cuddly, they are fluffy and that’s the reason why they are hard to draw. But once you take into heart and practice all the things you’ve learned, then sketching them as cute as the real ones is no longer a problem.