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How to Draw Feet

There are times that we don’t include the feet in drawing animated characters because we don’t want to reveal the whole body at all, maybe. The truth is that we find it hard to draw since the feet same as the hands have structural proportions that change positions every time.

A lot of things must be considered in drawing the feet:

  • First, the feet’s shape must be portrayed with an accord to the size of the character.  It can be fat or slight, large or small depending on the size of the other parts.
  • Second, the views and situation affects the outward looks of the feet.
  • Lastly, proportions and shapes must be exact. The curves are emphasized as well as the bending of the fingers.

I will give you an idea of the basic method on how to draw the feet. This one will be easy since we are going to use geometric figures in forming our feet. 

Geometric Structure

The first step we’re going to do is to divide the feet into three parts.  Each has their own geometric shape depiction. As you can see, the heel is represented by a trapezoid, and a triangle is horizontally divided to represent the upper part of our feet and the lower part which includes the fingers as it is shown in the figure.

And then, by rotating the figure 180 degrees horizontally we can see that the other side of the feet shows another picture different from before. This is the inner part of the feet. Instead of doing the same way as we did before, we draw an arc passing through the intersection point of the three geometric figures to indicate the hollow part under our feet. 


Those geometric figures would be fine if we are to draw robots. But since we’re not then we will add some flesh on it. Fleshing is adding curves and irregular shapes to our feet for it to look like one. Observation is very useful when drawing something as complex as the feet. Study your own real feet for you to learn how these curves are depicted on your drawing. 

Final Retouch

The final shape of the feet must be properly outlined. Unnecessary lines or sketches must be erased to see the clear picture of your work. You may add some detail on your drawing to make it more believable, shade portions to indicate tones and shadows. Finally you are done with your master piece.

Feet can be difficult to draw because they are an odd combination of shapes as well as the other body parts. But mastering the methods of drawing body parts is the beginning for one to be a skilled artist. Now that you learn one of these methods and practice mastering it you will soon realize a method of your own. Drawing will be no more problem no matter what views, no matter what action poses. Be creative, just practice drawing, practice more and practice always.