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SC Lucht & Probst’s Fotografica Pen is fashioned after vintage cameras, features historical stanhope image from the 1950s

Shutterbugs will be intrigued by the camera inspired “Fotografica-Pen” by SC Lucht & Probst in Germany. The ballpoint pen is designed by hobby-photographer and writing instrument enthusiast Stephan C. Lucht. It evokes the look and feel of a Leica M3, regarded by many as the best 35mm rangefinder camera in its class.Fotografica-Pen 4

Featuring a historical “stanhope”, the Fotografica-Pen is fitted with a lens which enables the viewing of a hidden microphotograph. Removing the camera knob and viewing it through the 2mm lens reveals a vintage microphotograph – each contains a unique image, scenes from 23 different French cities.

Lucht conceptualised the product over seven years ago. He says, “I have created this unusual writing instrument in honor of my grandfather Niels Jørgen Probst the time of his life the house never left without his beloved Leica M3 camera. The special design of the cameras of the 1950s and 1960s, has always fascinated me.”

From the matt magnesium metal elements to the knurled rotary handle, every part of the Fotografica-Pen stays true to the M3’s original look and feel – the soft lacquer “Vulcanite” rubber grip has similar grain, while the spring-loaded clip symbolises the form of a camera tensioning lever. Available separately is a matching leather pouch which fits the Fotografica-Pen. Made from hazel coloured leather, the pouch is made from cattle in South Germany.

The Fotografica-Pen has been featured in Leica Fotografie International, the official magazine of the esteemed camera maker. It is available from local retailer Fook Hing Trading Co, and comes in a numbered, Limited Edition of 500 pieces which retails at S$315 including tax. The Fotografica-Pen is fitted with Parker-style refills which are widely available from retailers from fine writing instruments.

Photos: SC Lucht & Probst

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