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How To Draw Yourself as a Cartoon Character

Making yourself as a cartoon character is not hard even you’re not a cartoonist or expert in drawing. Sketching some simple curve lines depending on your mood and exaggerating some parts on your body is enough to make a cartoon portrait of yourself.

Most of the kids even the adult ones get pleasure from watching cartoons at homes or in the internet. Cartoons are appealing, simplistic, attractive and enjoyable to look at. It contains exaggerate expressions of faces in a certain situation that can make you to laugh quietly.  They sometimes remind you of yourself when you were young, how you are at this moment and how you wanted to be. In which, it gives you an idea what it looks like to be a cartoon character.


Get a picture of yours as a trace. Draw a cross line to keep the different facial features well balanced and in proportion to one another.

Shape of the face

Observe the shape and size of the face physically in the picture. Then draw it. You can be creative as you desire. Different combination of shape and size in cartoon results into fashionable cartoon character. Cartoon’s heads are not restricted to a circular form. You can try to draw with squares or triangular heads.

Draw the eyes, nose, ears and mouth

As we can see in the cartoon movies, cartoon characters have really big eyes. A lot of emotions can be express in big eyes. A cartoon character can be adorable, pleasant, friendly, cute or sensitive when it has a bigger eye. There are many techniques in making yourself in to a good cartoon character. One of this is to draw a big circular shape in the eye as the pupil. And then, adding some more details to it to make it more real cartoon one, like putting lashes make it innocent.

Similar to the real face, we know where to locate these different facial features, like nose, ears, eyes and mouth. In drawing the nose, draw like a tear drops for the holes of the nose. To give the depth of it, draw a lightly circle or triangle at the end of the nose. Then draw a long line from the eye brow to the soft line out from the nostril.

Basically, ears are on the right side of the eye. Draw a half circle or curve shape to draw ears. Then add some lines to it.

Different figures of the mouth give different expression of the face. You can just draw a circle or just a huge curve line for the smile to draw a mouth. You can emphasize it more with the teeth or with the size of the lips. A simple curve line is better to create a nice smile of the cartoon. 

Finally, turning yourself into a cartoon character depends on how you creatively draw it. Exaggerating facial features like if you have bigger nose, draw it much bigger for it to be like a cartoon. And also it can be apply to the different features of your face. Always remember the proportionality of the eyes, nose and mouth in order that the cartoon you draw is greatly similar to yourself. Try practice many combination of facial features as you can. In this way, you will make yourself as a cartoon drawing easier as the time progresses.