How To Draw Rain Drops

One of the most exciting shape and texture to draw is rain drops. This article shows you how to add rain effects and rain drops. This is due to the versatility of water which can create different kinds of pattern and figure in various levels. This is said to be the smallest visual shape yet is very dynamic and interesting. It takes only mastery on basic skills on how to draw rain drops to create a stylish form of expression. The rain drops can add effects to you drawing like if you draw a rose, you can add rain droplets to its petals to make it look more attractive and beautiful.

There are different ways to draw rain drops. I will show you how to draw these ways. Make sure to have your paper and pencil ready.

Pic.1  Let’s start to the most basic way to draw rain drops.

First thing you do is to draw an oval shape. Start with two ovals, and then add two or more ovals with the same size or smaller. After that you can add more ovals, this time make it smaller than the previous one, you can add smaller ones until you feel satisfied. Then go look at the bigger ovals, these ovals must look like drops, in order to make it turn into drops, add some shapes on it, make it more swooping down. In that way you can create rain drops. This is the three-dimensional way of drawing rain drops, this is how a closer rain drops look like.

Pic.2 Distant rain drops.

Here is another way of creating beautiful rain drops. Creating rain drops that looks very near is different from rain drops that look distant. Here is how to draw rain drops that are distant. You can start by drawing straight vertical lines. These straight lines indicate the streaks of rain. As we observe when it rains, distant rain drops looks like grey streaks only.

Pic.3 Rain drops with reflection effect.

A rain drop has a watery reflection effect when it is drawn closer and larger. The watery reflection is due to the light that reflects directly to the water. To have this kind of effect, draw accurate curved shapes that are almost similar to the shape of the rain drops. You can then add shades to it either darker or lighter depending on your preference.

Pic.4 Combination of different methods.

You can also draw entirely rainy surroundings. In order to do these, by doing all the ways above you will be able to create a rainy setting. First is to draw gray streaks for distant backdrop. After that, draw fewer nearer rain drops. And for the nearest rain drops, draw larger drops. Then add shades on it to add a spectacular effect.


These are the ways on how to make beautiful rain drops in your drawing. 

Here are some things to consider in drawing rain drops:

  1. Take into account that every rain drops are different from each other so make sure to make variations in shapes and sizes.
  2. When you add shades to the rain drops, remember that the distant drops must have lighter colors and the closer ones are darker. Since water is reflective, when you add shades to it, make sure that it is the same direction as the light source.

That is it! That is how you will draw rain drops. Isn’t it easy? As long as you know what you want your rain drops looks like and the effects you want to portray then everything will fall into place, thus you will be able to create a beautiful and attractive rain drops.