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How To Draw Famous Comic Heroes

Super heroes are one of the famous comic characters that even a child and an adult one love to watch it. We’ve been amazed with their extra ordinary powers and marvellous moves as well as their gorgeous bodies. And that’s the reason that inspires us to sketch all our favourite super heroes.

One may ask how to draw these powerful movements of our super heroes to have a wonderful result. These are the steps to guide you in your work. Just get some pictures of outstanding moves of your super hero and make it as a reference.

Outline for the whole body

Now we come to the tutorial. The first thing we must do is to make an outline of the comic character you choose. As you can see in figure 1, I choose a flying Iron Man for comic character sketching. Making an outline for the whole body of our model is quite easy. Just use the basics shapes like circle for the head and square for the chest. For the outline to become more accurate, it is more convenient to use some 3D shapes like cylinders for the arms and legs and a cube for the different angles of the head. You must draw these shapes very lightly. After joining together the shapes to make it as a real figure of our model, we make some curves to flesh it out and to make some big muscles. Then, erase the shapes and finish the outline using thick lines because the outline should be the thickest line.


Now, we go back to the head. Head is the important part for it expresses the elegance and mastery of a super hero. Again, a cube shape would be better for the different angles of the head. And within the cube, there should be division of area. To draw the head, one should use some measurements for the proportionality of the parts that we’ve seen in the face.

Generally, we used to draw 3 horizontal lines to divide the face into three parts for the convenience of proportionality of the eyes, the nose and the mouth. But for now, we will use the division of the parts more accurate.

For the front view, the face should divide horizontally by an outlines for six parts:

  • The first part should cover from the hair line to the eye brow.
  • The second part should cover the whole area for the eye.
  • The third part should cover the nasal height.
  • The fourth part covers the area from the lower part of the nose to the upper part of the lips.
  • Then the fifth part would be the lips.
  • And the last one would be the chin.

Along with the horizontal lines, draw a vertical line at the center of the face to locate the position of the nose. And the ears would be parallel with the eye to the lower of the nose.  After this idea, sketch the eyes, nose, lips and ears with boldness.

Give more details to the body

Emphasize the form of the body by curve lines, because the form of the body displays the poise and ability of our super hero. Give details for the broadness of chest including its amazing gadgets. Also, you need to give volume for the armours like iron globes and suits.

Lines and Shading

For the finishing touch, lines and shading are important to make your art work be beautified. We use the lines to represent for the lighter shade and thick part of shading for shadows. Some use extra lines which are apart from the heroes’ body for their dynamic movements.

Superman or Iron man, both are superheroes and have super powers. With the rise of new heroes in our generation we always love to draw the former ones. The beauty of our works varies on how we love them and how we love our God-given gifts.