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How To Draw Emotional Face

To give emphasis to the whole stories concerning cartoon strips or manga series, the cartoon characters require having variety of adorable emotional language. As the individual have emotions to express in different situations, than cartoons or manga should also have. Most of us are amaze with these hyper cute funny miniatures with their different facial expressions, but we can try to draw it too. Tremendous emotional expression of each faces in cartoons makes the story exciting, enjoyable and smooth to understand. And it is the way the artist convey the feeling or thought of the cartoons to the viewers.

Draw a trace

Putting traces like light circle for the head with gridlines for the proportionality of the eyes and mouth and curve lines for the position of the body composing the arrangement of the arms and legs guide us in drawing it.  

Draw the eyes

One of the best ways to evoke your emotion is through the eyes. The position of the eye brows has also great rule in creating facial effects. Having no verbal communication about what you feel can also determine with the expression of the eyes. Sometimes, using eyes in communicating someone is very helpful in some situation. It should have wider eyes. Squashing and stretching the eyes results in different moods of the cartoon character.

Emoticons in Facebook, yahoo mail and Skype; are the best way to draw for an example to match with the emotion of the face. Emoticons like smile, blushing, laughing, angry, surprise, in love, annoyed, drooling and worried are one of the moods that we have.

Give details

Give more detail for the shape of the head having pointed or rounded chin. Big and wider head give space to emphasize the mood of it.  Adding stylish hair make you’re drawing cute. The size and the shape of the mouth are according to the emotions you want to express. Just add small size of the nose or simply don’t add nose but emphasize the position of the cheeks.

Sketching the body is harder than facial details. But adding body parts like the arms and legs according to the position it must be, makes your drawing more realistic and understandable. For the shoulder, bicep and hand; just draw elongated ovals that is being joint together to form an arm. Repeat the process for the feet. Finally, for more detailed one, add more different forms of lines of their movement effects. And also be sure to have exaggerate feelings like rushing of tears when crying, much bigger mouth when amaze, forming heart shape of the eye when in love are some of it.  

To have more facial expressions, just think of the emoticons faces then draw it to more detailed eye that will match to the cartoon you’ve draw. It is not hard. Just have fun to draw many emoticons and enjoy transforming them into a cartoon character. And the best thing to improve your work is just have some practice. It may not be very good result at first. But the more to discover more style for the eye details, then you can have high-quality of art work.