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How To Draw Car

Drawing cars and other images involves different kinds of techniques. In this article I will teach you and give you some tips on how to draw cars.

In 1769 M. Brezin constructed the first vehicle to move under its own power which was designed by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot. Cars had gone through many process of modification, being improved and became popular nowadays. As of now there are different kinds found on the streets, for transportation purposes and for the sake of sports, and there are also some that are found on sketch books or drawing books. In this article I will teach you and give you some tips on how to draw cars.

Drawing a car is easy but if it comes on drawing one that looks real then that is another issue. There are three major steps on drawing real looking car. Choose your car model first, one that you like the most and which you think is easy to draw. After deciding what to draw start depicting the image on your clean sheet of paper.

Making it as a Perspective Drawing

A perspective drawing is one way of representing a three-dimensional image on a plane where it appears as realistic as possible. It is a way wherein you are to choose a vanishing point and project all the possible lines or edges of the car from it. In that manner it will appear as if it is projected on some views rather than just facing the viewers. There are two rules to be noticed in this method. First, parallel lines or the edges of your car must meet at your vanishing point. Second, objects become smaller as they appear closer that same point. This is a simple way on building a mental impression on your viewers even if they don’t have any art background. 

Varying the Tone and Contrast

Another way on producing a good quality drawing in black and white is varying its tone and contrast. Just imagine how an image would appear in a two-dimensional plane with only straight lines and curves, would it be beautiful? The answer is no. As an example, people are being attracted on portraits that convey different color intensity, brighter or darker. In reality thing that we see become blur if it’s farther. To apply this on our drawing we are to shade some portions of our car with the use of different types of pencils. After doing this we are now ready to draw our car’s shadow. 

Adding Shadows

Shadow is a space with the absence of light or light can’t reach because of some obstacle. Every object can create its shadow if light is projected to it. Drawing a shadow is easier than the varying the tone and contrast. Try to think of a point where light is to be projected to your figure. From that point draw lines that extend on the vehicle’s edges and draw the same image of your car with those points and shade it. 

These three tips will be a big help not only in drawing cars but also in sketching other objects. If you find some difficulties on drawing your own model after some tries then you can have a picture placed in front of you as your guide. It is more preferable for a first timer to have some picture as a reference. In that sense they can think of better images and a way of drawing the next time they would draw a car. 

Drawing cars and other images involves different kinds of techniques. With your drawing skills and knowledge on these techniques you can almost draw anything. It requires a lot of practice in order to improve, so next time you draw a car place the driver or a passenger in it.