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How To Draw a Scene that Exists Only in Imagination

Every drawing you do always comes in your imagination. Our imagination always plays a big role when we draw. You might find it hard to focus drawing, yet always remember that we may not be aware of it but we have a Picasso inside us, we just have to acknowledge it.

Every drawing you do always comes in your imagination. Our imagination always plays a big role when we draw. There are times that you might ask questions like how to draw a scene that exist only in imagination? For some it maybe easy to draw from imagination while others finds it hard to focus drawing. It is said that when you draw pictures that only exist in the imagination is like trying to catch a cloud that easily disappear every time you get a hold onto it. 

Here are some ideas on how to get hold and draw from your imagination.

For an artist, it helps you if you always bring your sketchbook. You will not know when will the time you will feel to draw or when will your imagination works best, so always keep your sketchbook handy. Aside from sketchbook, bring with you a notepad also; there are times when we rather put into words first the things we want to draw. This is an advantage to you so you can keep the details of the things you want to draw.

Another thing to do to get a beautiful imagination for your drawing is to get inspired. If you’re inspired you can do the things that you think is impossible. Imagination is the food for the mind; by being inspired you can have fresh new ideas.

Being in a closed door room for weeks or days will make you dull. So it is better to go out, have some good time trip to acquire beautiful ideas and new imagination for your new piece of drawing. There is no need to go to other countries or anything, a small town closes to your area, or a beach near you will do, as long as you go out from that four-walled door.

One way to get new imagination is to meet new people. It’s always helpful to talk and meet new people because you can get new ideas from them. Many people might not like this but I tell you, reading books will get your imagination rolling. Whatever book it is, you can always get something from it. Watching television and movies can also give you new ideas and can turn on your imagination to draw something new. It is also helpful to ask what other people think about your drawing especially if it is abstract, in order to know if what you think about your drawing is the same or different with what others think.

An example is how to draw a landscape from imagination. You cannot really draw it right away without examining a landscape personally. You will need to see a landscape yourself, or maybe a good picture of a beautiful landscape. Examine and pay attention to every details. One of the most important things to consider is the light source. In your drawing, you must be consistent with the light source, you must know when or where to put the shadows to make the drawing more realistic. Then consider the things that you want to include in your drawing. The textures and tones must be considered also.

Do not be afraid to do what you imagine. Always put in mind that there’s no two perfectly the same things and what you imagine is not the same with others so just follow your imagination. Art always lies in the mind of the artist.