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How To Draw a Fantasy Castle

Some people want to sketch historical art, like that of a castle. Its wall is so strong because it serves as a defence for the attack of the adversaries. And most fantasies use castles for the kingdom of the princesses, prince, king and queen and even the witch. With its stunning views and forms in real and existing castle designed by great architecture and engineers, no one can stop looking at it amazedly.

These are the guidelines that will help you to learn how to draw a castle. Now, we will show you how to draw castles step by step.


To start with, one must draw the basic shape for an outline. Observe carefully on the preferred picture of the castle you have chosen. Try to evaluate and distinguish what basic shapes must be appropriate to use. The most commonly used shapes in drawing castles are quadrilaterals and triangle. In this time, we will use a half-circle for the center divided into two for the entrance between two parallel rectangles. These rectangles are later on to be redrawn as towers, but for the mean time let’s just use rectangles instead of cylinders for uniformity purposes. You can put as many towers as you like. On the top of these rectangles draw triangles for the roof. Now is the time to draw the biggest rectangle focused at the center, this will be the center part of you castle. When that part is done you may now start with giving details or if you like you can still add other structures just be sure that it won’t end up as a mess. 

Give details

After the outlines, let’s go and give more details on our castle. Now we will do some modifications on our drawing specially the rectangles. All rectangles which are to be turned into towers are redrawn with curve base and top. The sides of the triangular roofs are slightly being curved. Then draw some windows on the towers. Observe carefully for the texture of our castle whether it is a rough one or a smooth one. Since we are drawing the type of castle that has smooth walls then there is nothing that we must change. On the other hand add some surface details at the front of the castle if you want it to look rough. You can see through the rough surfaced walls the whole appearance of the bricks that has been filed simultaneously from the bottom and up to the top. After the construction of the whole castle, look around its surrounding and draw the site where it is situated, either on steady water or near a cliff. Construct some curve lines to form a land bridge and vertical lines for its height.

Lines and Shading

Finally, we’ve come to the last part of our master piece. Observe carefully again for the finishing part on the texture of the castle. Shade thickly the darker part of the castle where the sun doesn’t strikes it. Remember that sunlight can’t enter the open windows opposite to its direction, therefore don’t forget to shade it as well.  

The beauty in each of everyone’s artwork depends on its maker’s unique way of drawing. Basic steps are your guide that will soon ignite your skills from the inside to burst. Soon you will discover that this very simple guide will be your greatest learning.