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Draw A Car: How Hard Is It?

I always found it extremely annoying looking at sexy car images in the magazines, at the dealerships, and the real thing at some of the world’s biggest and best car shows… and not knowing how to replicate them so I could quickly and easily draw a car for personal use as a poster or t-shirt design.

When I first started drawing cars, I was totally clueless on the correct methods to use, and needless to say… my car images where a complete mess with proportions way out off whack and random lines in all the wrong places. Let me tell you, I wasted an embarrassing amount of hours trying to draw a car that looked realistic… to no avail!

So in my quest to draw the perfect car, I ventured online to find some free guides that claimed to be have the answers. Slowly but surely my technique on how to draw a car improved slightly, but by no means did these free guides share the secrets that I needed to learn in a clear an concise manner. Still struggling, and now somewhat stressed at my failed attempts… I once again searched far and wide for a step by step guide that actually worked.

The bad news is that I had many failed attempts and tried to learn using bogus guides that were completely useless, and should be permanently deleted from the internet as not to waste any more time on car drawing techniques. The good news is that my passion and commitment to learning this skill finally led me to a guide named: “How To Draw Cars Fast And Easy“.

Before you click through and discover how easy it can be to draw realistic and professional looking images of your favorite cars, let me share some of my experiences with you as a car drawing enthusiast. By no means am I, or want to be called an expert in the field… but I have learnt so much and have learned the right way to draw a car, that if I can do it as a complete beginner, you can do it too!

Firstly, let me show you a quick video of how to draw a Hummer, then I will cover some common mistakes, and conclude with some of my own tips on how to draw a car to perfection time and time again. Like I said, I am no expert… but I will include some sample images so you can see exactly what I’m talking about. But first things first, watch this easy to follow tutorial on drawing a Hummer.