How to draw a tree 

Teaching yourself how to draw a tree is so easy. Making it a realistic one does not need much effort but needs a lot of concentration especially for beginners. Drawing could be as simple or as difficult as you make it. It is a very good past time where you can express what you fee using a piece of paper and a pencil. Practice is the best way to achieve perfection. Having a wide stock knowledge about trees would surely help you picture out what a tree really looks like, its details and etc. You may follow the steps elaborated below to learn the most convenient way of drawing a tree, you will need papers, pencils, and coloring materials if you want.

  1. Sketch first the general shape of your tree trunk which will be the base. Draw two lines that are parallel with each other and let them bend a little at opposite sides. Just like having first the close parentheses followed by the open one.
  2. Start drawing the main branches then followed by the main twigs which will serve as your guide on how thick your leaves will look like. Outline the branches to emphasize.
  3. Draw the small twigs that will branch off of larger ones.
  4. Add clump shapes of leaves Draw each uniquely to make it more real. Outline the whole leafy part rather than doing it one by one for an artist does not go too much on one-by-one style but an artist prioritizes the emphasis.
  5. Put some shadings to emphasize the texture. Add some color if you want. Then there you have it!


Drawing a tree is just a simple and easy way. There are still many tips that will help you draw a tree. Add more on its texture and colors . Keep in mind that an original creation is better than a copied one. You may also refer to a model like photos, books and magazines that will be your basis or you can go outdoors and find a place where you can closely look at a tree and make it as your pattern. Above are the easiest and fastest ways yet more realistic tips on how to draw a tree.